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My Story

  My Story          My name is Wendy Sexton and I am a Super Star Consultant with Scentsy Fragrance. I am a mom of two beautiful daughters .  My official join date was November 30th /2011 although I had signed up back in October of 2009 when it first launched in Canada and I believe I was pretty close to being the first Canadian Consultant. Unfortunately for me I chickened out and cancelled my kit. To think where I would be today in the ranks of Scentsy, the thought  leaves me feeling pretty sad. I should of trusted myself more. The only thing that made me nervous  at that time was they were charging shipping and duty to the customer. I love Scentsy and everything it represents. This is the best direct selling company I have ever worked for and I have done a few (Avon, Christmas around the World, Aloette Cosmetics and Tupperware). This company is amazing. The pay cheques are exceptional compared to other companies. I have been to Hawaii thru my hard work and that really showed me the opportunity that Scentsy gives us. In the 5 years I have been selling Scentsy Through my journey with Scentsy I have met a lot of great people at my home parties, conventions, and online in our facebook groups. Everyone is so helpful and supportive of each other. The only regret I have is that I didn’t get started sooner but full speed ahead. My next stop on this adventure is Director.   Sincerely Wendy       <!--endbody-->